Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to short break service providers listing their services on our online directory

Shared Care Scotland will not recommend any particular service above others, in all instances the choice remains with the individuals concerned. We also would wish to highlight we do not act as a booking agent for anyone, our role is limited to providing information on what is available as well as contact details should you or someone acting on your behalf wish to pursue an option.

Please note in providing information we only ever undertake specific searches which match services with an identified individuals needs, we do not provide copies of our database or sections of it under client or geographical groupings.

Before you can add records about your organisation, you will be asked to register your name and contact details. You should check that your organisation, service or group meets our Inclusion Criteria and read our Data Protection statement below. During registration you will be asked to check the Terms & Conditions box to indicate your agreement.

Keeping records up-to-date

Service providers can add or amend records at anytime using their log-in details.  Every 12 months we will email you and ask you to confirm that the information on your record is up-to-date.  A flag will appear on all out-of-date records notifying users that the information may be inaccurate.  If records are not confirmed as up-to-date we will unpublish them.