Our vision

Shared Care Scotland works to improve the quality, choice and availability of short breaks (respite care) provision across Scotland for people with support needs and caring responsibilities. With over 20 years’ experience, we aim to play a leading role in promoting and supporting better breaks for all.

People need a break for a reason: to spend time in the company of friends and family, to pursue interests and leisure, or simply for rest or recreation.  We believe that everyone has the right to practical assistance and support to participate in society and live an ordinary life. 

Shreflectiomaker_com.JPGared Care Scotland's vision is therefore a Scotland where everyone who receives support or provides unpaid care can live a full and satisfying life, with the assistance they need to take regular, quality breaks from the everyday demands of their caring routines.

We are committed to collaborative working in the pursuit of this vision where carers and the people they care for have an equal voice in determining the future direction of short breaks provision.

Shared Care Scotland’s mission is:

To improve the quality, choice and availability of short breaks and respite care throughout Scotland for the benefit of both carers and those receiving support.  

Our objectives are: 

  • To improve short breaks policy and practice at all levels through collaborative effort
  • To advance good practice through research, learning exchange and service
  • To provide accessible, up-to-date information and advice about short breaks to
    all who use, provide or plan services
  • To bring people together to share experiences, ideas and be creative

We aim to be:

  • a positive forum where people can connect, collaborate and be inspired
  • at the forefront of innovation in short break planning and practice
  • an organisation that learns and evolves with experience

We are committed to operating in ways which are:

  • responsible, accountable and reliable
  • relevant, practical and accessible
  • positive and ambitious 

Updated January 2014

From 2010 onwards the main focus of our efforts and activities will be to continue progress towards the Breakthrough Vision and Aims.

The aims of the Breakthrough campaign are: 

  • To make high quality, imaginative and affordable short break services available to all unpaid carers in Scotland.
  • To substantially increase the short break options available to suit people with different needs and priorities.
  • To give people choice and control over how, when and where their short breaks are provided.
  • To make sure that short break support continues as people grow older and health conditions change.
  • To put people using short break services at the centre of planning and commissioning decisions in their local area.
  • To make sure that an emergency response plan is available to anyone who needs it allowing for appropriate replacement care in emergency situations.


 "With the right kind of short breaks, families will cope and continue to support and care."


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