How are we doing? Measuring short breaks

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80In this section of the website we have brought together a range of resources to help local authorities and their partners evaluate the impact of short breaks (respite care) and the overall outcomes achieved.  These resources have been developed by Shared Care Scotland in collaboration with members of our network including representatives from local authorities, carer organisations, service providers and users.  The  resources can be accessed from the menu on the right. 

How are we doing? Performance Evaluation Framework

The outcomes and indicators in the How are we doing? framework resource have been provided to support a more informed approach to service planning and performance measurement.  We hope this framework resource will be a useful starting point for those responsible for planning, commissioning and providing services.   The framework includes information on the relevant National Outcomes which set out what government wants to achieve over the next ten years, and which provide a reference point for the development of Single Outcome Agreements and other local strategic plans.  We have also suggested sources of national data information that might be helpful for developing baseline figures against which local progress in short break provision can be measured. 

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Inputs:  All the resources a group needs to carry out its activities

Activities:  The actions, tasks and work a project or organisation carries out to create its outputs and outcomes, and achieve its aims  

Outputs:  Products, services or facilities that result from an organisation’s or project’s activities

Outcomes:  The changes, beneļ¬ts, learning or other effects that result from what the project or organisation makes, offers or provides  

Impact: Broader or longer-term effects of a project’s or organisation’s outputs, outcomes and activities  

Table adapted from: (Wainwright 2002, CES 2004), by Dr Emma Miller


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