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Recent publications:

Short Breaks Fund: Evaluation of Creative Breaks
October 2012 - September 2013

Creative Breaks has a fund value of nearly £1 million a year, and provides grants of between £5,000 and £50,000 to third sector organisations to develop short breaks which promote choice and personalisation to carers of adults, carers of older people, kinship carers and young carers. Through local support organisations it is also able to channel funding directly to carers and people with support needs so that they can design and fund a break that suits them. This evaluation covers the period October 2012 to September 2013.


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Short Breaks Fund: Evaluation of Time to Live

The Time to Live strand is part of the Creative Breaks programme and awards grants directly to individual carers so that they can arrange and pay for the short break that suits them best.

In 2011 the Time to Live strand was piloted with 12 organisations who offer support to
carers based upon geographical boundaries. In 2012 the application was extended to
include organisations with a national, condition specific focus. This evaluation examines
the projects running from October 2012 through to September 2013

TTL Evaluation.JPG

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Short Breaks Fund: Better Breaks Round 1 Evaluation

Better Breaks programme awarded its first grants in March 2012. 51 grants, totalling £1,121,602 were distributed to projects across Scotland, so that these projects could deliver quality short breaks for children and young people with disabilities which would be tailored to their needs whilst giving their families a break from caring.The evaluation was based on information provided by the funded projects through their applications, their End of Grant reports, any supporting materials provided, selected telephone calls and review of the Shared Stories films.

Better Breaks.JPG

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Easy Evaluation Toolkit

The Easy Evaluation Toolkit is designed to help people evaluate their short break or respite care service. Created in 2013 by Shared Care Scotland, Evaluation Support Scotland and a panel of third sector managers, the toolkit offers a framework, case studies and useable tools to help you.

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Short Breaks Fund: Round 2 Evaluation report

The Short Breaks Fund represents a substantial investment by the Scottish Government in
the development of short breaks’ provision. Scottish Government, Shared Care Scotland
and the NCO group are keen to make sure that there is a legacy from this investment, not
simply in the form of additional or new short break services, but through better knowledge about what works well in short break services, and about what carers and those they care for need and value.

This report evaluates the impact of funding on 58 projects and...

  • Reviews the individual projects and explore their achievements and challenges
  • Considers how well Round Two projects have contributed towards delivery of the outcomes set for the Short Breaks Fund
  • Considers how well Round Two funded projects delivered the principles of the Short Breaks Fund
  • Captures and highlight examples of innovation, good practice and learning
  • Makes recommendations for improving the reach and impact of the Short Breaks Fund in the future

Evaluation Report R2.JPG

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Rest Assured? A Study of Unpaid Carers' Experiences of Short Breaks

This report completes a two-part research project that was undertaken to improve our overall knowledge and understanding of short breaks provision in Scotland. It’s about time: An overview of short break planning and provision in Scotland (Shared Care Scotland/Reid Howie) was published in 2010.

The findings that have emerged across both pieces of research reveal there is still a long way to go before national outcomes to protect the health and wellbeing of carers, and to enable them to retain a life outside caring, are realised for the majority of Scotland’s unpaid carers. With less than one in every two carers surveyed in this research accessing short breaks, there is still much to be done.

The reports and the data behind them can also be seen on the IRISS website here.

rest assured summary.JPG

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NEW: Rest Assured Discussion Framework

Shared Care Scotland has produced a companion Discussion Framework to help local areas explore the findings of the Rest Assured? research.  Download this document here.

Rest Assured - Full report.JPG

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Short Breaks Fund - Evaluation of Round 1 Projects

The Short Breaks Fund was launched in November 2010 and has been made available through funding from the Scottish Government in recognition of the important contribution which carers make in caring for a loved one, and the vital role breaks play in sustaining carers and those they care for.

With a foreword by Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson this report considers what projects from the first round of funding have achieved, and captures their challenges and from this considers what learning can be taken forward into future funding allocations.

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Inspiring Breaks Programme - Evaluation Report (August 2011)

Our funding from the Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland (LTCAS) enabled us to develop
and deliver a Scotland wide programme of local Inspiring Breaks workshops to support
individuals with long term conditions and unpaid carers to be more actively involved in
selecting and shaping the short break and respite care services they receive, and to
consider they outcomes they would wish such a break to have. The workshops took place
between October 2010 and June 2011.

Inspiring Breaks Report Full.JPG

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Click here for information about our Inspiring Breaks Planning Resource


It's About Time: An overview of short break (respite care) planning and provision in Scotland (November 2010)

This research was carried out for Shared Care Scotland by Reid Howie Associates. The report presents the findings of research carried out between April and August 2010 to:

  • improve knowledge and understanding of the landscape of respite care and short break provision for adults  in Scotland;
  • identify good practice in the planning, commissioning and design of respite care and short break services;
  • and better understand the challenges and identify solutions to moving towards more flexible, personalised respite care and short break services for adults.

The research focused on the views of stakeholders in the public sector, although a number of carers’ and other organisations also contributed views. This research did not set out to be an evaluation of short break provision and the views of both carers and cared for people may be different to those set out in this report. 

Its about Time Front Cover.JPG

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Occasional Papers series

The purpose of our Occasional Papers is to promote (and provoke) new thinking around how we plan and deliver short break services to produce better outcomes for all concerned.  Papers will focus on particular issues affecting people who use these services and their carers, but also the challenges facing service providers and those making strategic decisions. 

How are we Doing? Measuring Short Breaks

Exploring the importance of measuring the impact of short break planning and provision. The paper also includes a framework of outcomes and indicators that might be used to measure performance improvement. 

Click here to download 'How are we doing?' (January 2013)

More Than a Break

A discussion paper on the short break needs of children and young people with disabilities and their families.

Click here to download 'More Than a Break' (March 10)

A Break in Communication

Our first paper looks at the importance of trust and confidence in building a successful relationship between people who use short break services and their carers, and the people providing the service

Click here to download 'A Break in Communication' (September 09)

Other Shared Care Scotland resources include:

Give us Break: Turning Commitments into Action  (March 09)

This guide has been produced to make people aware of and explain important developments relating to the future planning and availability of short breaks and respite care.  The guide is mainly aimed at carers and service users but will also be of interest to those involved in the local planning and provision of services. 

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Good Practice Guide to Developing a Short Break Bureau

This guide has been produced to examine different approaches to the short break bureau model of respite care planning and support.  

To download a copy, click here

 Breaking Through: our report into short break services for carers and care recipients from BME communities.  The report highlights the steps that service commissioners and providers can take to enhance the 'cultural competence' of there services.

 Click here to download a pdf version of 'Breaking Through'

Making a Break:  a study commissioned by Shared Care Scotland and undertaken by Robert Gordon's University (2004). The purpose of the research was to investigate the role and outcomes of respite care (for specified care groups)and to consider appropriate outcome measures for the evaluation of respite interventions.

 Click here to download a pdf version of 'Making a Break'  


As well as our own publications we also curate a collection of Short Break / Respite Care literature in the IRISS Learning Exchange. You can visit IRISS and search this database using the links below.

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