Rest Assured


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This paper encourages and supports local discussions to explore the findings of ‘Rest assured?’  These discussions will help local authorities and their community planning partners to work with carers, service users and providers to identify what improvements in respite care may be needed in their area, and the actions that will deliver these.

The discussion document has been produced by Shared Care Scotland in response to ‘Rest assured? A study of unpaid carers’ experiences of short breaks’. This was published by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS), in partnership Shared Care Scotland, the Coalition of Carers in Scotland and MECOPP.

The Rest assured? report suggests several Key Improvement Areas:

  • Improving the availability of information and advice about short breaks
  • Efforts to extend the reach of short breaks to other carers that traditionally don’t access breaks
  • Helping carers and care recipients to understand and use Self-Directed Support as a means of accessing breaks in a more flexible, personalised way
  • Helping carers to get support from family, friends and neighbours
  • Collecting better information about people’s experiences of short breaks and about levels of unmet need
  • Involving carers in decisions about the local development of short breaks
  • More systematic approaches to short breaks planning based on evidence of what works well

The discussion paper takes each improvement area in turn and poses questions to explore their relevance in relation to local needs and circumstances.

In the Resources Section to the right you can download the Discussion Paper, the original research as well as other materials that we think may be helpful to local authorities, providers and other interested partners who are looking for ways to improve their short break provision.