Using the Logo


Congratulations on becoming a Short Break Fund recipient.

One of the conditions of your grant is that you acknowledge the Short Breaks Fund on any publicity about your project.  This guidance has been written to help you do just that.  It includes information regarding where we expect you to include our logo and how to use our logo appropriately.

When to Use the Logo

Only projects funded by the Short Breaks Fund may use the logo.

  • When acknowledging the grant, we would like you to use the Short Breaks Fund logo and not the programme logo (ie not Creative Breaks or Better Breaks)
  • You must include the Short Breaks Fund logo in any annual report that covers the year for which the funding has been given.
  • Please use the logo, wherever possible, when advertising the project, eg on publicity materials for the project, job adverts or website pages promoting the project.
  • Where it is not possible to include the logo, please acknowledge the fund with this statement:  Funded by the Short Breaks Fund.

Logo Use

The logo has been specifically created, so please do not change it.  It should not be stretched or cropped, recreated in different fonts, or rotated.  We do not have a minimum size, but the logo should always be legible.

The pink logo is the main version of the logo, and should be used whenever possible.

We have provided a variety of other colours for you to use to suit your own publications and colour schemes.  Please only use one of the colours provided.  The black and white logo should only be used for black and white publications.

Colours for Matching Fonts

If you would like to match the colour of your font to the logos the details of each colour are as follows.

Pink – C=7, M=89, Y=27, K=7: or R=212, G=0, B=102

Yellow – C=2, M=36, Y=79, K=2: or R=243, G=163, B=52

Purple – C=84, M=67, Y=3, K=2: or R=68, G=75, B=155

Green – C=42, M=5, Y=89, K=5: or R=127, G=190, B=57

Blue – C=64, M=10, Y=3, K=0: or R=8, G=173, B=219