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We intend to group links under different headings so that people can find relevant sources of information more quickly. If you are aware of any websites relating to short breaks/respite that you think should feature here, please use the 'suggest a link' facility to notify us.

Organisations Offering Advice and Information

In this section we have listed some of the main carer support organisations and organisations that offer advice on specific conditions or disabilities. Many of these organisations will have information on short breaks and respite services and we suggest that you use their search facility to locate this. These websites may also be able to direct you to local support groups.
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Other Websites with Accessible Holiday/Accommodation/Leisure Information

In this section we have provided links to other websites that we've come across or have been recommended to us that offer information on a range of accessible short break/leisure opportunities.  If you'd like to suggest a link, please contact us.
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Minority Ethnic Services & Information

In this section we provide links to organisations which offer support, information and advice to carers and services users within minority ethnic communities, and to service providers. Please also refer to our Breaking Through report for further advice.

For a detailed breakdown of census data on the diverse ethnic and religious communities in Great Britain, please click here. This link will take you to the Office of National Statistics report, 'Focus on Ethnicity and Religion' published in 2006.

For data relating specifically to Scotland please click here.

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Policy Matters

In this section we provide links to national bodies with a responsibility for policy and regulation and to those who represent carers issues. We will also publish links to research materials relating to the provision of short break and respite services.
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Government Information Sites

Here you'll find links to national information and advice websites.
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Useful Links

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