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Respitality News – 13th April 2017

Great news for carers! MindforYou, who provide personalised holidays for people with dementia and their carers, have donated a Highland holiday as a Respitality gift. A couple from Angus are very much looking forward to their holiday.

We are also delighted to receive several short breaks in St Andrews University accommodation. Our thanks go to the Residential Services Managers who came together to present Respitality with a variety of short breaks in four different halls of residence. This will help lots of carers have a summer break in St Andrews.

Hope everyone enjoys the holidays.

Respitality News – 5th April 2017

On the 6th April, we are privileged to be guests of The Royal Collection Trust. A group of Carers and their companions are being treated to a tour of Holyrood Palace and The Queen’s Gallery followed by afternoon tea. Really looking forward to it.

Respitality News – 22nd March 2017

A wonderful evening as part of the second St Andrews Respitality Festival. Support from the businesses of St Andrews is increasing every year – this year we were able to thank 10 establishments; Rusacks, Deveron, Fairways, Hotel Du Vin, Montague, Brownlees, Fairmont, Ardgowan, Pinewood Country House, Seaview Cottage for their help. Full-time Carers deserve a short break, a bit of pampering, a bit of fun. We had a ball!

Kristian Campbell, General Manager at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel: “My team and I were very pleased to support Shared Care Scotland’s Respitality Festival for a second year running. Carers are often unsung heroes, so it was a pleasure to welcome the carers and their companions to take a break from their caring routine and enjoy our hospitality at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel.”

Respitality News – 15th March 2017

More and more people are hearing about Respitality. In the run up to Scottish Tourism Week, it was encouraging to hear Tourism Secretary Fiona Hyslop say  “Inclusive tourism recognises the need for everyone to be able to have a holiday or a break from their everyday routine, which can bring both social and economic benefits.”

Respitality News – 17th November 2016

A great week with more gifts being offered to help full time unpaid carers get a break. Gala Bingo are coming forward with clubs offering meals, games and a very warm welcome. Royal Collection Trust are supporting us too and this should allow many carers to enjoy The Queen’s Gallery and Holyrood Castle in 2017. Edinburgh Young Carers Project are now part of Respitality and have a local hairdresser to thank for getting them started.

Respitality News – 26th September 2016

Respitality is being launched in Edinburgh at a Business Breakfast Meeting hosted by ETAG. Held at the Edinburgh Sheraton, who supported Respitality in 2015, the half hour briefing outlines the project, describes why it is so important that carers get a short break form their caring role and gives businesses an opportunity to join if they so wish. We would encourage all businesses to come along and here the story.

Respitality News – 11th August 2016

The new Respitality website is live. Please email if you have any comments. We are delighted with the new website and look forward to adding more content, functionality and Respitality gifts.

Respitality News – 2nd August 2016

We are making a film about Respitality that will be screened at the ISBA conference in September as well as being available via the new Respitality website.

We’ve taken the opportunity to make a film to encourage hospitality businesses to join the project. Supported by well know hospitality names such as Willie Macleod, Executive Director for Scotland BHA and Chair of New Lanark; Chris Gardner, CEO The BEN; Lesley O’Hare, Falkirk Community Trust and Ray Pead, President of Stayinstandrews. We had a great couple of days filming and here is a sneak preview of Aonghus and Aine getting ready for the shoot. Courtesy of Media Education.

Respitality Update – January 2016Gift Image

It’s great to have the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope that 2016 brings you health and happiness. It’s a good time to reflect on the past year and set some goals for the coming year too.

As well as Happy New Year, it’s Happy Anniversary to Respitality. One year ago, I started as Respitality Developer at Shared Care Scotland. I think it’s been the fastest year of my life and I thank you for your passion, imagination and commitment in developing and supporting Respitality. We now have around 70 Respitality partners and have provided (or will provide) short breaks for around 200 Carers and a companion.

For friends in the hospitality sector, I would ask you again to contribute towards Respitality. Many of you have already, many have pledged to do so. The difference you make is huge. Thank you very much. We hope the hospitality sector will donate gifts on an annual basis – the frequency and amount is up to you. I believe that Respitality is different from  other similar initiatives as we do see evidence of Carers going out again under their own steam to try new places and activities. We also support Carers going on breaks to ensure that the break is taken. It’s a team effort and everyone’s contribution is appreciated.

And as give back time, I am more than happy to come to industry and trade meetings, seminars, AGMs to talk about Respitality and to get your views on the project. I hope it provides a very interesting and thought provoking session.

End of Year Report. We are busy preparing the end of year 1 report for our funders in Scottish Government. This has to be submitted in March 2016. Thanks to all who are completing questionnaires, collecting statistics and providing feedback and stories. All contributions are essential to allow us to assess the success of the project and to help shape it for the future. I am always happy to receive feedback so please feel free to share your thoughts with me. We have learned loads and it will be quite a challenge to collect all the learning and stories and distil it into a coherent report!

Respitality Year 2. A proposal for Respitality Year 2 has been prepared and submitted to Scottish Government. This would fund the project for a further year, taking us to the end of March 2017. We plan to continue to support the Carers Centres who are currently offering Respitality and to help more introduce this new service. Again, we will be appealing to the hospitality sector for their support.

Respitality On-line System. Over the last couple of months, we have put in a lot of effort to specify and start the design work for an on-line system for Respitality. Associated alongside Shared Care Scotland’s website, the Respitality website will provide a central point for all matters to do with Respitality. For example, information about the project; how Respitality works, all the latest news as well as a system for managing Respitality gifts and booking the Pitlochry bungalow. We are hoping for a go-live date of February this year.

Holidays Matters Conference. The Holidays Matters conference in November provided an opportunity to catch up on initiatives in social tourism and hear some inspirational speakers. It was also a chance to tell more people about Respitality and listen to their views. Just hearing people say what a difference a short break makes cannot ever become repetitive. It re-energises people, changes their dynamics with family and friends, increases their self-esteem, adds some zing back into lives, encourages friendships, gives people a change to try new activities………….. Thanks to the Family Holiday Association for hosting this event.

Thanks to BH&HPA. We had a great day at BH&HPA (British Holiday & Home Parks Association) Seminar and Conference at Dynamic Earth. It’s always interesting to understand the hospitality industry’s hopes, fears and challenges and receive a generous and hospitable welcome too. Several Parks have come forward to offer Respitality breaks which will be very well received. Thanks to Jeanette Wilson and her team for a great day!

News from the Regions. Throughout 2015, it has been very interesting to work with the 5 Carers Centres and their colleagues as each Carers Centre adds Respitality to their menu of services. This is a project each decided to join and to be honest, I don’t think many of us had a clear picture of all that was involved. We just believed that this concept would benefit carers, believed the hospitality sector wanted to help and developed the project from there. Staff at Carers Centres and their colleagues (as well as families and friends) had to grapple with learning new skills, juggle the additional work, keep all team members up to date with developments and help Carers to accept these gifts and to go out and enjoy them. Each Carers Centre has done this in a different way – which is absolutely fine. We can all learn from this and pass on our knowledge to a new tranche of Carers Centres who have volunteered to take the Respitality challenge in 2016. Their names will become familiar throughout 2016.


Respitality Update – November 2015Default News Image

The Respitality Newsletter for November seems to concentrate very much on activities at Respitality HQ. This in no way detracts from all the work being done by the teams from Falkirk, Fife, Dumfries & Galloway, Midlothian and Lanarkshire. They are the force behind the project and I hope to feature their contributions and comments in the December newsletter.

Pitlochry Bungalow

Photos are enclosed with this newsletter. The bungalow is looking really good. We’re going to test drive it around the 14th October with Carers starting to use it from 21st November.

A huge thanks to the following for their donations :-

Mr Cameron Cochrane for dining table, chairs, settee.
Sing in the City for their donation which we put towards furnishings e.g. curtain poles, kitchen equipment, lamps etc.

Lindsay Haines for crockery, cutlery, glasses, kitchen utensils, curtains, cushions.
Hypnos for beautiful new beds.
Decotex for bed linen and towels.
Alison and Jim Stevenson for artistic input, practical assistance in painting furniture, hanging pictures and curtain rails, curtains, setting up the TV.
The Ben – for letting us use the bungalow in the first place with its new kitchen and bathroom, providing white goods and being so generous. We are all looking forward to getting the Respitality bungalow up and running.
There are many more people who have helped and I can’t list everyone. Suffice to say, a heartfelt thank you to you all.
Any further help and/or donations will be gratefully received. Do let me know.

Respitality Delivery

The Respitality Delivery Group (RDG) met on 15th October. This meeting brought together representatives from Carers Centres, Local Authorities, Scottish Government and HitReach who will be developing an online system for Respitality. The meeting focussed on what we would like from a system to manage gifts as well as being a repository for all things Respitality. We aim to have the system live by January 2016. We always like people from all areas of the project to attend these meetings and we hope our SG colleagues, Kevin Fallon and Lynne Veitch enjoyed the meeting. We certainly were very pleased to see them and to talk about the project.

Respitality and MyTime

21st October was a very important day as I met Hazel Brown from Local Solutions, Liverpool. Hazel is Manager of the Carers Centre and has been the driving force behind the MyTime project. Respitality and MyTime are the same idea, just different names. The projects are at slightly different stages with slightly different approaches but we shared ideas, discussed some of the challenges we face and worked through how we may overcome them. Of great interest were the lunchtime events Liverpool hosted for Carers and members of the hospitality sector. This allowed everyone to meet up and discuss just how important and much appreciated a short break is to Carers. Hazel was interested in how we have set up Respitallity in the different regions, the role of the Respitality Delievery Group – both national and local, and will take this idea back to Liverpool. Liverpool now has 14 city centre hotels regularly gifting short breaks.

Hazel and I will continue working together and supporting each other. It was a marvellous opportunity and thanks to Hazel for coming to Edinburgh for the day.

Respitality meets Haggis Adventures

I was delighted to meet Graeme and Dougie from Haggis Adventures.

Haggis Adventures approached us with a view to providing some tours and potentially accommodation for Carers. One of their team, Kyle, will be setting up a meeting to talk through how we can all work together to provide some interesting and fun short breaks. Watch this space……

On the Road

The Short Breaks Bureaux Network Meeting invited me to give an update on Respitallity which I was very pleased to do. Dundee Carers Centre are looking to join the project and we will meet in the New Year to start the ball rolling. It was good to meet the members and thanks for inviting me.


Facebook Posts

Wonderful Easter Respitality gifts from St Andrews University Accommodation and MindforYou. Happy Holidays to you all.

Just an amazing day at work thanks to Royal Collection Trust who made the day so special. The first photo is a bum belt used in 16th (I think) to make your skirts stick out!