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Registering a Service on the Directory

Shared Care Scotland has launched a unique Scotland-wide on-line directory of short break and respite services covering all forms of service including, for example: home-based and residential based respite, family placements, befriending, holiday breaks and accessible guest houses and hotels.  In time, we hope the directory will provide a one-stop-shop where carers, care recipients and health and social care staff will be able to search for a suitable short break service according to location, age and care needs.   For more detailed information about this directory click here.

If you are a service provider and want to add a service to the directory please read the following before registering

Shared Care Scotland will not recommend any particular service above others, in all instances the choice remains with the individuals concerned. We also would wish to highlight we do not act as a booking agent for anyone, our role is limited to providing information on what is available as well as contact details should you or someone acting on your behalf wish to pursue an option.

Before you can add records about your organisation, you will be asked to register your name and contact details. You should check that your organisation, service or group meets our Inclusion Criteria and read our Data Protection statement below. During registration you will be asked to check the Terms & Conditions box to indicate your agreement.

If the person to be responsible for providing and maintaining information does not have Internet access or an email account, please contact our office for assistance

Inclusion of information held by Shared Care Scotland 

Information about the following types of service will normally be held by Shared Care Scotland:

  • Local Authorities,
  • NHS Scotland services,
  • Scottish Executive or government departments,
  • Organisations or services which are affiliated to a national parent organisation or a nationally approved body,
  • Organisations or services which are funded or approved by the Local Authorities or NHS Scotland,
  • Local self help and support groups which have been assisted in their development by the Local Authorities or NHS Scotland,
  • Organisations with charitable status (Scotland),
  • Independent and profit making organisations providing services which support the Shared Care Scotland client groups, at the discretion of the Shared Care Scotland Team with advice from authoritative sources.

Exclusion of information held by Shared Care Scotland  

 The criteria for the exclusion of services rules out information about:

  • Political parties,
  • Organisations which have had complaints or concerns about services.

These issues will be discussed by the Shared Care Scotland Team, advice taken from other relevant authoritative sources, the information removed from the database if applicable, and the information provider will be informed.


Register for the Directory

Click to register

Service Providers:

  • Once you have registered your contact details you will be asked to enter service details
  • New or updated records will not be published until they have been verified by Shared Care Scotland
  • Please be patient as it may take 2-3 days before your record is published
  • You will be contacted every 12 months to remind you to check your record details are up-to-date
  • You can add or amend your record at any time using your log-in details
  • You can have more than one service record
  • You can also add photos or leaflets to your record

 If you experience any difficulty registering your service please call us on: 01383 622462

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