Short Breaks Fund

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The Short Breaks Fund has distributed £10,288,465 to 613 organisations supporting carers and those they care for since 2011. Funded by the Scottish Government, the aim of the fund is to increase the availability and choice of short breaks to support carers and those they care for and benefit the caring relationship.

The fund is managed by Shared Care Scotland on behalf of the National Carer Organisations.  It contains two grant programmes, Creative Breaks and Better Breaks and a Learning Exchange.

The guiding principles of the Short Breaks Fund are:

  • to provide tangible outcomes for carers, improving their quality of life and those they care for;
  • to support the personalisation agenda, providing early intervention, choice and tailoring service provision to meet the needs of individuals;
  • to support the key policy areas of reshaping care, strengthening self-directed support and developing person-centred solutions;
  • to be additional to existing provision.

The Fund is made up of of the following funding programmes:

Craetive Breaks LogoThe Creative Breaks programme: providing grants to third sector organisations to develop new and existing short break provision in the line with the fund’s overarching aims. A key part of this is a micro grants programme called Time to Live which is managed by local organisations.

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“You can’t imagine how much better I feel being able to meet up with people I haven’t seen for ages.”

better-breaks-logo.gifThe Better Breaks programme: providing grants to third sector organisations working in Scotland to develop additional, responsive and creative short break opportunities for disabled children, young people and their families.  The programme is particularly keen to fund projects which improve the choice and availability of breaks to children and young people with complex and multiple support needs.

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“Thank you.  Matthew has arrived home exhausted, smelly and full of his adventure!  He has had an amazing time”

learning-exchange-logo.gifThe Short Breaks Learning Exchange: to support the sharing of information, experience and learning across the funded projects, and to a wider audience. We want to spread the lessons learned so that good practice becomes common practice.

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Capture.JPGThe take a Break programme: This grant programme is administered by the Family Fund and provides direct grants to families of disabled children and young people to support personalised leisure activities or holiday breaks.

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Grant Advisory Panel

To assist the NCOs in ensuring the Short Breaks Fund is well managed, is delivering its outcomes and is operating openly and transparently, Shared Care Scotland has set up a Grant Advisory Panel.

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The Short Breaks Fund is being set up and will be managed by the National Carers Organisations with secretariat through Shared Care Scotland.

The National Carer Organisations are:

Scotland’s Funders Forum

Shared Care Scotland has recently become a member of Scotland’s Funders Forum.  The Forum is a gathering of funders in Scotland, including statutory bodies and independent grant making trusts, who are committed to best practice in funding the voluntary and community sector and to maximising the impact of funding for the benefit of Scotland. We come together to share information, to identify and address areas of common interest and to share best practice and learning.

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