Better Breaks

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£5,014,837, 244 projects, 20,896 carers

“Beth grew in confidence each week.  She got to meet other girls with Aspergers and it was great for her to feel like one of the crowd instead of always feeling different.”

Better Breaks provides grants to organisations supporting families who care for a disabled child. The fund opens for applications each year in the autumn.

The purpose of Better Breaks is to develop responsive and creative short break opportunities for disabled children and young people, and their families.

We particularly want to improve short break opportunities for disabled children and young people with additional multiple support needs, and we are really keen to hear about proposals which will integrate disabled children better with mainstream community services and opportunities

Funded projects

Click here to see all projects that have received funding through the Short Breaks Fund including the Better Breaks programme.

You can visit the Short Break Stories website to read all the evaluation reports from projects funded over the last 18 months.

You can see some of the services that have been funded previously in these short clips.

Funding for carers and the people they care for

Direct funding for families is available through The Family Fund. Their programme is called Take a Break Scotland. Eligible families in Scotland, caring for disabled children and young people, will be able to apply directly to the Fund for financial help to arrange a short break. More information on how to apply for this funding can be found at:

You can also search our funding directory for charitable trusts and other small grants programmes for families to have a break from their caring routine.


Better Breaks is currently closed for applications.

About the Short Breaks Fund

Better Breaks is a funding programme to improve the provision of, and access to, quality short breaks for disabled children and their families, especially where children and young people have multiple support needs. Funded by the Scottish Government and divided into two grant making programmes – one administered by Shared Care Scotland and the other by the Family Fund.

The Short Breaks Fund, including the Better Breaks programme, is managed by the National Carer Organisations through Shared Care Scotland, on behalf of Scottish Ministers. The Short Breaks Fund also incorporates the Creative Breaks programme which provides funding to improve the range and availability of short breaks for adults with care needs and their carers, for young carers and for kinship carers.