We support unpaid carers to find balance

Our work ensures that everyone who provides unpaid care has the help they need to take regular short breaks from the demands of their everyday routines.

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We aim to improve the quality and provision of short breaks in Scotland.

To do this, our small team covers a wide range of activities from information services such as our directory, events and publications through to research and policy work. 

We work closely with other organisations, such as Scottish Government and the National Carer Organisations and we also deliver three programmes of the Short Breaks Fund, as well as our innovative social tourism initiative, Respitality

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Breaks from caring come in all shapes and sizes. Our directory lists more than 400 short break services across Scotland and beyond.

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We’re building a picture of short break provision in Scotland.

Our collection of stories will inspire you with the variety of breaks from caring, and our grant impact reports showcase good practice and ideas from projects funded by the Short Breaks Fund.

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Parent carer quote

It’s so hard, sometimes, as a parent of a child with additional needs. It’s been brilliant to see our children have fun and make new friends, and to bond, laugh, cry with other parents that have similar challenges.
Parent carer About a project funded through the Short Breaks Fund