About the National Carer Organisations

Shared Care Scotland is one of the six National Carer Organisations (NCOs) in Scotland. Together we have a shared vision that all Scotland’s unpaid carers will feel valued, included and supported as equal partners in the provision of care. The NCOs aim to achieve this through the representation of carers and giving them a voice at a national level.

We believe we can deliver more for carers by working together to share our knowledge and experience, and by focusing our collective efforts on achieving improvements in areas of policy and practice that are of greatest concern to carers.

In responding to proposed policies, laws, strategies and regulations, the NCOs seek to represent the views and experiences of carers in Scotland. Additionally, Shared Care Scotland aim to represent those involved in the development and delivery of short breaks across Scotland to make recommendations about how proposals can be improved to further carers’ rights in Scotland.

There are six NCOs in Scotland: