Funding a break

There are three main ways through which people can
fund a break:

  •  Self-funding
  •  Through support from your local authority
  • Through a grant designed to help you access breaks

There are also ways to access a break at no cost.

How do I access a break if I can fund it myself?

If you are able to fund a break yourself then sometimes the biggest challenge is identifying the break that is right for you. Our 'finding a break' section can help. 


How do I get funding support from my local authority?

If you feel that you need support in your caring role then you can contact your local carers centre or local authority and request an Adult Carer Support Plan.

An Adult Carer Support Plan should consider the support that you need in your caring role, and your local authority has to consider whether the form of support that you need is a break from your caring role. If this is identified as being what you need, and you meet local eligibility criteria, then they may allocate funding to you to pay for replacement care that needs to be in place in order for you to take a break. 

This funding is delivered through Self-Directed Support.

How can I fund a short break through a grant?

There are some grants available – usually through charities – to assist with short break costs. Each will have their own criteria and application form but they all offer grants to carers, or the people they care for, to help with a break from their caring routine.

Time to Live is a micro grant scheme for all carers including young carers. It is part of the Short Breaks Fund and is delivered across Scotland by organisations local to each area. 


Finding your next short break

Our short break directory can help you find the right break for you

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Funding your break

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