Introduction to Creative Breaks

The Creative Breaks programme provides 12 month grants to third sector organisations to develop and deliver short breaks projects and services for carers of adults (aged 21 years and over), and young carers (caring for children or adults), and the people that they care for. 

A total of around £1.1 Million is available for the 2023–2024 round of the Creative Breaks funding programme. Grants are for one year and will be awarded in October 2023. The maximum grant award is £35,000, and for unincorporated organisations the maximum grant award is £10,000. The average grant award in previous years has been around £15,000. 

Funded activities 

Short breaks activities can take many different forms – including breaks away (i.e., overnight stays, residential breaks), days out, and/or shorter sessions (i.e., regular activities). Activities must be designed to enable carers to have a life outside or alongside their caring role, and to support their health and wellbeing. Short breaks should also benefit the cared-for person and others (e.g., family members) and help sustain the caring relationship. 

Short break activities can be for the carers, for the people they care for, or for both the carers and the cared-for people to enjoy together. To be eligible for Creative Breaks funding, projects must be able to evidence how their activities will benefit both the carers and the people they care for, by providing a break from their normal routine. 


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