Shared Care Scotland's mission is to improve the quality, choice and availability of short breaks and respite care across Scotland​.

Our vision is for unpaid carers and those they care for to have regular and meaningful breaks from their caring responsibilities, leading to improved health and overall wellbeing.

Through our work we aim to:

  • Be an influential, leading voice advocating for carers’ rights and helping shape the future of short breaks provision in Scotland.
  • Be a trusted partner that can be relied on for consistent high-quality information and guidance.
  • Be an organisation that connects good practice, ideas and people to support learning and improvement.
  • Be a valued collaborator, supporting organisations with delivering impactful work and developing best practices for providing carers with meaningful short breaks.

Our governance

Shared Care Scotland is registered as a charity in Scotland (SC 005315) and registered as a company limited by guarantee (SC161033).

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Our values

Shared Care Scotland is an organisation that places values at the core of what we do. Our vision is for a Scotland where every unpaid carer can enjoy a balanced life, with the necessary support to take regular, quality breaks from their caring responsibilities. Guided by this vision, our mission focuses on improving the quality, choice, and availability of short breaks and respite care across Scotland. 

Our values are a statement of what we believe to be important, fostering a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative work environment, essential for building a motivated team. This handbook offers further insights into our values, why they are important to us, as well as how you can expect to see them in action.

SCS Values Handbook 2024