Support for grant holders

We work in partnership with our grant holders, providing a range of support and guidance to ensure that your project achieves the greatest possible impact for the people you support. We do this in various ways including 1:1 support, learning events and visits.    

We also encourage our grant holders to keep in touch. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to share good news, ask for advice or discuss any aspect of your funded project. 



Grant holders are required to submit a mid-grant report halfway through the project period and an end of grant report after the project has concluded. We send detailed guidance on the report formats and how to complete them nearer the time.  

The mid-grant report is a light-touch update on progress. It's chance for you to share your successes as well as any challenges encountered and is submitted via email using a word document template.  

The end of grant report is a more detailed review of what you have achieved over the course of the year and includes carer stories that demonstrate the changes your project has made to carers and those that they care for. 

These reports are a vital source of information and learning. They enable us to monitor and evaluate the performance of the fund, ensuring that it is doing what it sets out to do.

Crucially, your reports also help inform other areas of Shared Care Scotland’s work, such as influencing policy and practice at all levels. 


Acknowledging funding 

We encourage grant holders to publicise their funded project. Please let us know if you are planning any events or press coverage so that we can provide support. If you are posting on social media about your project, please use #ShortBreaksFund. 


Using the Logo 

Projects funded through Creative or Better Breaks will be provided with a copy of the Shared Care Scotland and Short Breaks Fund logos during the grant award process. The Short Breaks Fund logo should be included: 

  • in your annual report that covers the funded year 
  • on your organisation’s website  
  • when advertising the project 

Where it is not possible to include the logo, please acknowledge the fund with this statement:  

Funded by the Short Breaks Fund

Download our logo here. 


Adding your service to the national directory 

The Shared Care Scotland short breaks directory provides online access to short breaks information to carers, people with care-needs, and organisations that work with them.

Many local authorities signpost the Shared Care Scotland directory as a source of good quality information as part of their Short Breaks Services Statement. With this in mind, we would encourage you to add your short break service or project to the directory. 




Creative Breaks

We are lucky to have been funded by Creative Breaks for a few years. This evidence of a strong relationship with a funder meant that we have been able to attract match funding.
Creative Breaks funded project

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