What you can expect from us

The Shared Care Scotland 'brand' was relaunched in Spring 2023. It is the result of us looking closely at our values, our personality and the breadth of our work.  

What became clear to us is that it’s not just what we say that has an impact, but how we say it. We believe that access to information on short breaks should be clear, transparent and available to everyone. We know that how we talk is a huge part of this and we want to lead by example.  

Our 20 years' experience in short breaks has taught us the power that language – even individual words – can have on people’s experience of social care. Good conversations done right can be transformative, but talking in a way that confuses or frustrates people can break down trust, especially on sensitive issues such as unpaid care and short breaks support.  

At Shared Care Scotland, we’re firmly rooted in our values: openness, integrity, passion and respect. This means we try not to use formal language or jargon, but prefer to think of our style as the way we’d chat to you across the kitchen table: elbows on the table, coffee on the go!   

The team at Shared Care Scotland don’t want to be a faceless, anonymous team sitting behind a website. We try to be thoughtful, compassionate and approachable, and we’re always keen to learn. If we’re not getting something right in the way that we’re talking, or communicating, then please do let us know.