Connected by Care

New research demonstrates the impact of social tourism initiative Respitality and the difference it can make to the lives of carers 

Respitality, is a unique initiative fusing 'respite' and 'hospitality'. Run by non-profit Shared Care Scotland, and funded by Scottish Government, the mission of Respitality is to offer unpaid carers in Scotland much-needed respite through complimentary short breaks.  

This is achieved by establishing connections between carers' organisations and hospitality, tourism, and leisure businesses willing to contribute free breaks. Respitality operates as a 'social franchise,' and much of its success is achieved by building relationships and connecting around a single goal. 

This new research report demonstrates how Shared Care Scotland, local carer organisations, break donors from the hospitality sector, and Respitality ambassadors collaborate to deliver breaks that benefit unpaid carers.  

“I am on really quite good form because I am just back from Respitality. My brain is working and firing on all cylinders. The rest has done me good; I was able to spend time with my sister... 

So, I am able to verbalise the benefits of it and articulate that yes, it is good for me." 

The research report brings together insights and perspectives from three critical partner categories in the Respitality network: donors, carer centres, and carers. It presents a comprehensive understanding of the Respitality model's effectiveness and impact, highlighting successful practices and identifying potential areas for growth and enhancement.