A statement must be clear and understandable for carers

The Carers Act includes a duty on local authorities to publish Short Breaks Services Statements: a document which sets out information on short break services available for local carers and cared-for people.

Shared Care Scotland recognised the importance of producing a statement which is clear and understandable for carers and brought together a group of representatives from across local authorities and health and social care partnerships to look at the production of statements.

The output of the group was a guide, called Making a Statement, which recognises that a Short Breaks Services Statement (SBSS) is more than ‘just’ a statement, but a reflection of strategic choices and decisions about provision. 

The document presents suggestions and questions that help when preparing an SBSS, as well as an overview of what should be included under each of eight headings. Sample wording that can be adapted for local use is also included.